Senay Gibri


Smerrr Room's PaPpal to donate to ERDA's Water Well Project:

Andebrhan Ekube Wellsfargo bank account 7393365858
Phone: (707)318-8816
NAY NORWAY PHONE: 004793035293 OR 004722503082
Israel: Yiakel - 0549112434


To Whom It May Concern!!!!


First of all I would like to thank you brotherly and friendly on behalf of the members friends, and supports of (ERDA) very warmly.


 The Eritrean Relief and Development Association (ERDA) as any humanitarian Organization is non political, non religious, and non racism  free from all partiality  who helps and treats all humankind equally. And ERDA’S constitution aloud to anyone voluntary membership.


My dear fellow Eritrean Sisters and brothers in particular!! and Eritrean brothers friends and supporters in General,  we would like to update you and  inform you  ERDA’S  past, current, and future plan projects.  


We would like to inform you that since we start such holy mission counts years!!!


Since 12 years we have personally visited and distributed many different items in the following refugee camps in northern Ethiopia in tgrai region May Aini, Adi Harsh, Shimelba and Hntsats. We were able to help the Afar Keyhe Bahri limited finance according ERDA’S capacity as well.


In the past many years we were able to successfully Achieved by distributing items such as soap, Ajax. Omo powder, shoes, pads, pants, bed sheet, clothes, hair oil, cream, crunches, hospital Beds.


Plus we support with money to the Women Association, disable Association and Elderly Association to develop themselves and really they are grateful for that.


ERDA was able to invite and host Dentist from Indianapolis USA and treated 650 people in 5 days mission they were also grateful for that holy mission.Continuing our holy mission a very respected Germany lady call Marion Springer she offered herself with money eyeglass and 3 months unpaid leave and we were able to treat 1350 people by hiring eye specialists.  Our plan in 2017 looks as follows the relief to the refugees is as usual according our capacity if we receive more ERDA is always ready to distribute more.On the 20/04/2017 the very known Dentists from Indianapolis and tumor cancer doctors are coming and ERDA is preparing to host them from A to Z as partner to the mission. Our very serious and significant priority project is to provide clean water to knin & Knito before the winter inters. Please all Justices seekers to react as soon as possible.     We would like to assure to all donors have the right to control the implementation.


Best Regars


Kahsay Ehdego ERDA Representative in the field  



ናብ ዝምልከቶ ኩሉ!!!!

ብመጀመርታ ብሽመይን ብሽም መላእ ኣባላትን ፈተውትን ደገፍትን ማሕበር ረዲኤትን ምዕባለን ኤርትራ (ማረምኤ) ዕዙዝ ህዝባውን ሕውነታውን ሰላምታና ከነቕርብ ንፈቱ።

ብምቕጻል ማሕበር ረዲኤትን ምዕባለን ኤርትራ (ማረምኤ) ከም ኩሉ ግብረሰናይ ማሕበር መጠን ዘይፖለቲካዊ ዘይሃይማኖታዊ ዘይዘርኣዊ ናይ ዝኾነ ይኹን ጸግዒ ዘይብሉ  ንኹሉ ወዲ ሰብ ብማዕረ ዘስተናግድ ናይ ኤርትራ ማሕበር ኮይኑ ኩሉ ፍጡር ብገዛእ ፍቓዱ ኣባል ክኸውን ሕጉ የፍቅድ።                                                          

ኣስዒብና ሑሉፍን መጻእን መደባት ማረምኤ ብሕጽር ዝበለ ካብ ብብዙሑ ብሓጺሩ ከነብራሃልኩም ፍቐዱልና። ዝኸበርክንን ዝኸበርኩምን ኣሓትን እሕዋትን ኤርትራውያንን ኣሕዋት ኤርትራውያንን ብፍላይ!! ደገፍቲ ዉጹዕ ህዝቢ ኤርትራ ከኣ ብሓፈሻ!!

ማረምኤ ነዚ ሰናይ ስራሓት ካብ ዝጅምር ዓመታት ኣቕጺሩ ምህላዉ ክንሕብር ንፈቱ።

ሑሉፍ ስራሓት!!  ኣብዚ ዝሓለፈ 12 ዓመታት ግና ኣብ መዕቆቢ ስደተኛታት ኤርትራውያን  ሓያለ ደገፋት ክትገብር ጸኒሓን ኣላን እያ። ከም ኣብነት ኣብ ማይ ዓይኒ ፡ዓዲ ሓሩሽ፡ ሽመልባ፡ ሕንጻጽ ኣብ ክልል ዓፋር ብመጠኑ ናይ ገንዘብ ሓገዝ ንገብር ጸኒሕናን ኣሎናን።     

ንህጻውንትን ዓበይትን ደቀ ኣንስትዮን ደቂ ተባዕትዮን ናይ ሳሙና፡ ኦሞ፡ ኣጃክስ ፡ጫማ፡   ክዳን፡ ኣንሶላ፡ ውሽጢ ስረ ዘይቲ፡ ክሬም፡ ሞደስ፡  ምርኩስ (ክራንች) ከዘራን ናይ ሆስፒታል ዓራት  ናይ ስኒ ሕክምና፡ ናይ ዓይኒ ሕክምና፡መስ መነጸር ምዕዳል ክኸውን ከሎ ነብሶም ክኽእሉ በቢ ማሕበሮም ማለት ማሕበር ስንኩላን፡ ማሕበር ኣረጋውያን፡ ማሕበር ደቂ ኣንስትዮ ብዓቕሚ ማሕበር ናይ ገንዘብ ሓገዝ ውን ክትገብር ጸኒሓን ኣላን።

መደብ ማረምኤ 2017 ነዚ ይመስል!! እቲ መደብ ናይ ምዕዳል ኣቑሑት  ከም ዘለዎ ኮይኑ ኣብ ማይ ዓይንን ዓዲ ሓርሽን ንስንኩላንን ኣረጋውያንን ደቂ ኣንስትዮን ማሕበራት ዓቕሚ ማሕበር ብዘፍቅዶ ኩሉ ሸነኻት ሓገዝ ንምግባር ተዳልዩ ኣሎ።

ናይ ስንን ናይ ዝተፋላለየ ሕማማት መጥባሕቲ ሓካይም 20/04 2017 ይብገሱ ስለ ዘልዉ መደብ ምስራዕ!!! ኮምኡውን18 ዊልቸር ናብ ስንኩላን ዝኸይድ ስኣን መጎዓዚ ሕጽረት መፍትሒ ምንዳይ!!

ኣብ ክኒን ቅኒቶን ናይ ማይ ምኹዓት ህጹጽ መደብ ምስራዕን ቅድሚ ክረምቲ ምፍጻምን!!!

ኩሉ ደላይ ሰላምን ፍትሕን ለጋስን ነዚ ኣብ መንገዲ ዘሎ ፕሮጀክት ክቋጻጸሮን ብተግባርን ከም ዝተፈጸመ ከራጋግጽን ምሉእ መሰል ኣሎዎ።  

 ወኪል ማሕበር ረዲኤትን ምዕባለን ኤርትራ ሓውኩምን ኣቦኹምን ካሕሳይ እሕደጎ።


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  • Beni Luul
    commented 2017-04-01 11:57:55 -0700
    What a great initiative.
  • EriSat Tv
    commented 2017-03-18 01:29:11 -0700
    Please share this to all friends and family….

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